About Your Picture Day

What can you expect from claudia murray photography




claudia murray photography prides itself on being organized and on time. Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled photo time so that you are ready when we are - we'd hate for you to be disappointed by missing your team or individual photo slot, and regret that we cant wait for anyone.


Be sure to dress in your full "game day" or competition uniform/outfit and bring all your gear- bat, helmet, stick, ball, glove(s), pom poms, etc.​​​ 


Please be sure to wear a team shirt/jacket if you have been provided one, and if not, please wear a color that coordinates with the other coaches and your team. It never looks good if you have a maroon team all in uniform with one coach in an orange t-shirt and another in a gray hoodie. 


Be sure to get an order form from your coach or download one here from our website. We must get your order form and payment on picture day for you to take advantage of our high volume discount pricing.

Please fill out your order form neatly and completely. and include your phone/email in case we have any questions about your order. We never share the information you provide with anyone else.

Add a check or cash to your envelope. We can accept credit cards on site on picture day for a $3 convenience charge.  


If you'd like a picture of your children together or a picture of your child with a friend, be sure to coordinate with the friend's parents so they are both there at the same time. We are happy to squeeze in a sibling or friend photo any time - just ask our friendly helpers at the desk, and don't forget to fill out a separate order form for the sibling/friend photo so we know what products you'd like from that pose.


claudia murray photography will deliver your photos directly to your league within 2-3 weeks. Your coach/team administrator will give you your order at a future practice, game or meet. Some leagues require that pictures be mailed; if that is the case, you'll receive your order approximately 3 weeks after picture day.


Visit our online viewing page to reorder images. We have lots more options online than we do on picture day - be sure to check them all out.


Is there problem with your order? We apologize! With thousands of images and orders annually, mistakes can happen. Please call us at 207-883-9646  or email us at info@claudiamurray.com within 60 days of your picture day and we will be sure to make it right. Be sure to include all pertinent information like your child's league, team and name, and your name and phone/email so we can get back to you.​  Please note that you MUST contact us within 60 days of your photo day for a refund or exchange - we are unable to process any refunds, exchanges, damaged image reorders or any other issues after 60 days.


Does your child play other sports? We love working with youth sports leagues and are always looking to add more leagues to our schedule. We provide a generous reward for introducing us to a new league and would love to work with yours. Please let us know who to contact or pass along our information to your league president. Thank you!