How can I introduce claudia murray to my league rep/president?

Please have your league representative give us a call at 207-883-9646 or email info@claudiamurray.com and we'd be happy to share how we can make picture day easy and successful. Or pass along their contact information to us and we'll take it from there. THANK YOU!

I don't have have an order form. How can I get one before picture day?

Click on the order form specific to your child's sport ... different sports have different delivery options (like returning images to your league versus mailing them to your home) which affect offerings and pricing. If you print out an order form yourself you wont have an order envelope to hold your payment, so we ask that you please staple your check to your printed order form to make sure it does not get lost. We are working on an online pre-order option and hope to have it available by spring 2018 ... stay tuned!

Sports Order Forms: For all sports other than figure skating, swimming, Gorham Baseball 2019 or dance, please use this option:

Gorham Baseball/Softball/TBall/Mini Mitts 2019:

Figure Skating (all leagues use the same form):


Dance: Scarborough Dance Center must click on the RED WITH POSTAGE option as pictures will be mailed to you; all other dance studios please select the GREEN Receive Back from Dance Studio option

How do I place an order for picture day?

Easy! You'll get a form from your coach one 1-2 weeks in advance.  Just fill out the form neatly and completely, enclose payment, and send it along with your child on picture day. You'll have the opportunity to re-order images afterwards if you want more. Depending on the league and time constraints, sometimes only children with order forms will have an individual picture taken. All players are in the team photo regardless of whether you are ordering or not.

How do I pay for photos on picture day?

Its easiest if you enclose a check or exact change in your payment envelope. We will have helpers there on picture day who can make change for you and they can also accept credit cards for a $3 convenience fee. Picture Day can be a busy, hectic day, so if you plan ahead and have payment in your envelope it is much appreciated. 

What if it rains on photo day?

Almost all of our picture days happen rain or shine. If your shoot is scheduled for an outdoor location (typically baseball, lacrosse, soccer) we will have an indoor rain location in case of inclement weather. This location is often a nearby school gym or cafeteria. Please check with your coach or league contact on picture day if the weather is inclement to determine if your picture location has been changed. Your picture TIME will remain unchanged.

How long does it take to receive photos?

If we hand deliver to your league, we'll deliver pictures back to your league representative in 2-3 weeks. You should receive them from your coach at your next practice of game. If we mail images, you'll receive them about 3 weeks after picture day. Most of our leagues prefer we hand deliver images to eliminate the need for parents to pay for postage and to prevent the images from getting crushed by the USPS.

What if I'm not happy with my photos?

We're sorry! We do our best to make sure we have great poses and expressions for each and every player. But if you are unhappy with your images, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can return them for a full refund.  You MUST contact us within 60 days of your photo day for a refund or exchange - sorry but we can NOT process any refunds, exchanges, damaged image reorders or any other issues after 60 days. The only item not subject to our refund policy is a digital negative/CD.

We have not received our photos?

Oh no! First, check with your coach to make sure they have distributed all your team's photos. If they have, please give us a call and we can check into it. No worries - we'll make sure you get your images!

Can I reorder photos and photo products after photo day?

Absolutely! But beware, because of time constraints with some leagues and dance studios, we only take an individual photo of children with an order form. If a picture was taken on picture day, you'll receive reorder information with your original image order. We often have lots more options for online reorders than we do on picture day, so be sure to check out all your options!

What if a player can't make it to picture day?

Sorry, but there are no make-up days. If your child cant make it to picture day you wont need to fill out an order form unless you'd like a team print.